We have a vast selection of nutritional supplements, bulk foods, home goods, and beauty products. If you have dietary restrictions, we have what you need with a wide variety of non-GMO, gluten free, wheat free, low sodium, and low sugar foods. Your health needs reigns supreme at OMP.


With all of the love we get from our community, it is only right to return that love. We try to carry as many local products as we can find. You will find local produce, cheeses, soaps, and many speciality items at OMP. Come and get local with your home team.


They say, if you want to lead a long and healthy life, you have to celebrate both yourself and others. We embrace the importance of being social and would love to talk to you at our various events, in our A+ restaurant, or when you drop in to shop. Come into OMP and chat us up -- we love to talk.

Organic Marketplace supplies its customers with highest quality products and services for healthy lifestyles.




We celebrate food as not only a tasty way to spend your time, but as a way to build friendships and nourish your body. 


Sprouts started when OMP decided to expand its mission beyond providing pieces of healthy living to offer a place that pulled those pieces together into a whole. Offering food, drink, and companionship, At Sprouts you will find the staples for a life well lived. Our menu includes sandwiches, wraps, small and large plates, smoothies, fresh juices, wines, craft beers, and seasonal daily specials. We also have host a variety of special events like beer and wine tastings, theme dinners, health lectures, and more.

Prior to opening Sprouts, there always seem to be something missing, but Sprouts has filled that void with laughter and celebration. Please do come in and join us in the fun!

The below review is just one of the many things we do at Sprouts Cafe and Cellar! We love our customers and care about their health! Most of our menu items come with vegan, vegetarian, and other options. Just talk to our chef!

"Never have I been to a restaurant where I was able to walk in, speak with the chef about having gout and have them offer to make something specifically for me. Gin, I pray I have your name right, but you are awesome, a Rock Star and a talented Chef. Sprouts and their employees are the gem of Gaston county. Thank you." ~ Wesley Anderson

Today's Special Wednesday, October 11, 2016

Mediterranean Chicken & Kale Salad!

Mediterranean seasoned all natural chicken breasts atop a fluffy bed of kale with garbanzo beans, olives, onions, cucumbers, roasted red peppers, feta cheese crumbles, roma tomatoes, and a feta red wine vinaigrette with bacon sprinkles! Enjoy with a bowl of Red Lentil or Green Veggie w/Quinoa Soup; or, select from a side of Black Grapes, Kale & Beet Salad with Quinoa, Gluten Free Mediterranean Pasta Salad, or a Black Bean Salad! Enjoy! 





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View some of our daily specials in the photo album below! Then come experience them yourself! 

July HBA.jpg


Alaffia - Line Drive: 25%

Oxylent - Line Drive: 20%

Pure Essence - Line Drive: 20%

Sovereign Silver - Line Drive: 20%

MG12 - Line Drive: 15%

In addition to this month's line drive savings, you also have a chance to win a
Skinny Garcinia Gift Basket with ANY purchase of a Bluebonnet item

More GREAT specials on select items from your FAVORITE brands:

Barleans - Buried Treasure - Europharma - Garden of Life - Gaia - Himalya
- Megafood - New Chapter - Nordic Naturals

July Grocery Specials!

BRAGG - Vinaigrette Dressing: $5.49

DAIYA -  New York Style Cheesecake (14.1 oz): $5.79

MODERN - Spike Original, All Purpose All Natural Seasoning (3 oz.): $2.29

NATRACARE - Natural Ultra Pads, Non-Chlorine Bleached, Biodegradable (14 ct):  $3.99

NEOCELL - Fruit Punch Soft Chews (60 pc): $14.29

SO DELICIOUS - Original Coconut WhipFRZ Coco Whip Original (9 oz): $2.99

SO DELICIOUS -French Vanilla Coconut Creamer (16 oz): $2.29

SWEETLEAF STEVIA - Stevia Packets (70 pc): $5.29

TOFURKY - Meatless Italian Sausage with Sundried Tomatoes and Basil (14 oz): $5.29

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